Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My previous pages

I just fell into scrapbooking for a year. Here's some pages I've created :)

This page I called "The Kiss." I join mix media scrapbooking class with Mrs. Karin from MSI as my mentor. This is it! We put acrylic paint on the left and right edges as well as the center, then we use distress ink to make vintage effect on the left side. Acrylic base paint is easy to dry so I don't have to wait too long because the class only last 2 hours..too bad..hahaha.

We once had family gathering. Actually we had it often! And one day I decided to capture that moment on scrapbook page. I print each letter of the words using ordinary Canon printer on cardstock. Then I cut each of them, adhere it on foam tape, and arrange on my layout. Hope my family love this page :)

This page I dedicated for my beloved Mommy. I made it at scrapbooking class also. Love the vintage paper that fit perfectly with the photo. Too bad I took this picture when the page was already been framed, so the details can not seen quite clearly :(

One of my favorite pages! The photo taken on my wedding day. Nothing special about the technique, I just love this layout. But...once again, I took the picture after it been framed...

 A girl that fall in love head to toe to her boyfriend ask me to make a page with romantic theme. So I made this page and mail it to her home at Tasikmalaya, West Java. I use artificial flower on the right edge to complete flower theme for this layout. She said she like it so much :)

My award-winning page!! Yeyyy... Kiranti held scrapbook contest, and I got second place. The title "best things to ease my pain" tells about how I spend days during periods. It's a cheerful page, the theme that I seldom use..haha.

Again, award-winning! This isn't the page I made during the contest that held by Toddie magazine, but the certificate that I made into scrapbook. Unfortunately, they didn't give my page back, but I hope they put it on their store :)

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