Sunday, December 18, 2011

My 30th Birthday Celebrations

Soooo...I'm turning 30 this year! Yipie!! As now I'm living far away from my hometown, this create unique birthday celebrations (at least for me..haha). My parents at home celebrate my birthday by making "nasi kuning" and let my beloved doggy named Momo blow the candle. Here, I send a birthday cake to my officemate while I myself riding on bumpy bumpy road out of town. Wow, I've never had such a "party" before.

I was so thrilled so I decided to make a special scrapbook page to complete my celebrations. Hope you all enjoy my page like I do :)

I use Hero Stamp and chalk ink to create this word. It's a little bit leaky on the edge but I like the effect. And for the photo borders, I use EK Success border punch. That's a new tool I bought just right before I flew to Sorowako :)

For title, I use Dymo label maker. Hope I'm not running out of tapes because I don't know whether they sell the refill here :(

He was asleep but my mom force him to wake up and blow the candle. So look at his cute sleepy-yawny face behind "nas kuning." I miss my Momo so much...

My office mates smiling faces while enjoying cake. Thanks for your wishes :)

My excited yet scared face when riding offroad vehicle. Our way to Tabarano Village was so amazing. Can't wait for another adventures!

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