Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Momo

I have a male chihuahua. He's more like son than pet for me. He is Momo. And it's been 4 months since I live far away from him. Yes, I have to leave him at my Mom's house because it's impossible to bring him fly this far. The airport and airlines procedures is not chihuahua's friendly...I guess. I can't bring him inside plane cabin and he has to enter quarantine area for two days. Momo can not eat dogfood, he eats boiled chicken everyday and sometimes he doesn't want to eat by himself. So who's gonna give him food when he's on quarantine?

So here we are. End up being far from each other. My mom send me his photos often, but still I miss him very very much :(
This is my second page dedicated to my lovely Momo
I use sketch from Get Creative.
This grid sketch gave me a challenging LO. First thing to do is divided my page into four, I use stitching technique with Sew Easy tool. Then I start to arrange photos, embellishments, and title. And here's some details
Filmstrip chipboards for photo frames. I color them with black acrylic paint. For base paper, I use Yours Truly series.

I use Martha Stewart's punch for brown vine's shape, and cut DCVW Tattered Time paper for the blue leaves.

I hang bell on green wool. Momo loves the sound of ringing bells :)

Martha Stewart's all over the edges. And Bo Bunny stamp for Live Laugh Love wording.

My journaling about things that drive me crazy when he refuse to eat, begging to play in the middle of the night, barking at much bigger dog (because he's very tiny), chasing cats, and when he's sick. But the most thing that drive me crazy is when he far away from me. Gosh I miss him more...

My title: Love Momo. Look at his picture. He is cute, isn't he?

Hope he's happy far there because my mom take really good care of him. Love you, Momo :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life's a beach

It's me again. With another page full of story :)
This time I'm gonna tell you about my vacation...or...should I real life? LOL. Because I really think I'm alive when having vacation :)

So it was early September 2011, when me and my husband went to Karimunjawa. It is a national underwater park. Well, I don't know where to start my story because I had so many memories that time. In short: Blue and clear water, white sand, warm sun, underwater creatures, huge coral reefs, they're so WOW!! I saw clown fish everywhere. Snorkeling is what we do everyday. And we never get bored. Wish I could go back there again someday. I really wish for that.

Here's my LO. A diary of my real life :)
I'm using sketch from Once upon a sketch. It's a very beautiful sketch. And here's how I interpret their sketch:

I use three Echo Park papers from Yours Truly series. I love these paper. It's romantic and cheerful :) And those swirls pattern I think strengthen my beach theme.
And here's some details:

I printed my photos in Polaroid style, just to capture our instant happiness when having vacation :)

The round shape that I create from lace. It's my mew lace, bought last week from nearby market with cheap price :)

Those cute little tags I downloaded freebies from Creativity Prompt. You should check this blog, got so many awesome freebies :)

My journaling says : Blue water, white sand, pure shore. That's how I describe a real life!

I stitch the tearing paper. To add a little details on my page :) I loveeee detailssss

My peeking title: Life's a beach. Hope you like it. See you on my next projects :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rare beauty

Hello again and hope you all have fantastic weekend :)
I got a story to tell you. On late 2011, me and my husband moved to a new place. It's a totally different place from where we used to live. We moved from crowded-hectic-busy capital city with lots of shopping malls, skyscrapers, and traffic jams onto a quite remote village surrounded by lake and forest. And one day, me, hubby, and our teammates exploring a forest. It was a tough journey. We have to climb hills, step out of mud, stumbled on rocks, even one of us saw a phyton (glad it wasn't me who saw that snake). We were looking for a species: Papilio blumei. It is a rare butterfly endemic to Celebes. The famous Alfred Russell Wallace wrote it on his phenomenal book: The Malay Archipelago.

"One of these, Papilio blumei, of which I obtained a few specimens only, is among the most magnificent I have ever seen....," wrote Mr. Wallace.

Many people said they live in the lake side between jungles. So we took our chance. After about two hours walking, we finally FOUND ONE! She's very beautiful. With blue-green large stripe on her black wings and swallow tail, she looks amazing.

So here's my layout, dedicated to the rare beauty creature
She is beautiful, isn't she?
I use KaiserCraft Bonjour Collections as base paper. And the same series for the cutting-upper layer. And here's some details

Butterflies everywhere. I cut them from foil paper. And the little silver butterfly, I bought from a national bookstore while I had trip to Macassar. It's very cheap by the way :)

Chipboard without finishing as my photo borders.

Ribbon!! Yey!! A challenge held by Lasting Memories give me an ispiration to use ribbon :)

This time I'm not using Prima nor my hand made flowers. I bought this flowers long time ago, but never find a page that fits to it. And now I'm finally using them. It's a local-made flowers with a "reasonable" price :) And the leaves on second picture, I bought from a boutique near my home. Made from stone I guess so it is quite heavy but thanks to glue gun that makes it easy peasy to adhere :)

Again, I'm using pearls to sweeten my page :)

My journaling says: When famous British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, found this butterfly, Papilio blumei, in 1857, he stand in awe. Blumei was already rare that time. I've seen the rare beauty.

The title: Rare beauty.

See you on my next story. Have a great day :)

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Journey to love myself

Have you ever read a quote says: Scrapbooking is cheaper than a therapist? I absolutely agree with that. Making a page seems like I'm writing diary of my days, journal of my life. And the best thing is, you tell your story to others. It really sounds like a therapy, right?

And this weekend I'm making a very important page. I would like to tell you that I had trouble to love myself. A skinny-brown girl I saw in the mirror everyday is not kinda girl I expect. I have the look and shape that far from beauty definition that the whole universe agreed. Making mirror is not my favorite object.

But it was yesterday. That doesn't mean I have plastic surgery or face lifting. I'm still the same skinny-brown girl looking at the same mirror. But why must bother if I have such a perfect life? I have families, friends, and husband who loves me. I have jobs so I can earn my own money. I live in a beautiful place that most people envy. In other word: I love myself. More than I can imagine actually. It just takes time, courage, and patience to realize. It takes a journey. And my journey to find other amazing things in me is about to begin :)

Here's my page
I buy some new stash. Another things to be grateful :)
It's my brand new paper and embellishment, from KaiserCraft These Days series. I loveeee this page. So elegant and romantic.

And here's the details:
I choose a photo of myself doing makeup while starring at the mirror. So I made a layout resembling a mirror. Yes, I cut and curl my paper. Maybe it looks like a window, but I meant to create a mirror..LOL.

There's a closer look on my curly "mirror" :)

Flowers!! Love them so much. Some of them I made by myself, from patterned paper and topped it with stickles :) Oh, I also made the leaves on my own.

This pearl accent is new thing for me. I use needle and thread, just like making a simple necklace. Them sew it on my paper.

Talking about sewing....I also buy We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy to make holes on papers. I don;t need sewing machine! It's super fun! I love this tools although I'm still learning to use it properly.

My journaling. Says: It's not easy to love myself. I used to hate the girl in the mirror. But a voice inside speaks and says: This is the real me! Then I realize that I love myself for what I am.

The title: Journey to love myself.

Hope you like it. See you on my next journey :)

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Bird is the word challenge: Journey
Lasting Memories challenge #75 love

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mentioned at Top Tip Tuesday

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day. My friend has a new girlfriend and he bought a heart-shape can filled with chocolate. My other friend celebrating anniversary and having romantic dinner with her husband. Me..uhm..hmm..I'm not kinda "pink" girl so no guy ever give me flower or chocolate on Valentine's Day...LOL. But I do have lots of love to share. Everyday :)

And even though I don't celebrate Valentine's, my heart is blooming right now. After being picked as Top 3 at Incy Wincy Designs' blog for Flower Frenzy challenge now my layout being mentioned at Top Tip Tuesday's blog. I'm not their random selected winner nor their Top 3, but..just as they wrote..

"there were so many Awesome entries so we decided to show you some more…that the rest of the DT loved too!"

And one of the creations they loved the most is MINE!! Yey..They pick my "Wanted: You" layout. No badge to display but I'm quite happy :)

You can find the announcement here

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I love my husband. Overmuch I think :)
And I realize that I've never accomplish any page for him :( About a year a go, I planned to create a page about my hubby's passion of music. That project was abandoned because I'm too busy that time. A month a go, I would like to make a layout that captured his sport activity. Almost done, but not yet. Promise I will finish it by next week.

A week a go, I found a very beautiful sketch posted on Once upon a sketch blog. Here's the sketch:
They combine the sketch with journalling criteria which is: LOVE. I'm so thrill with the sketch, it's very beautiful and perfect with the theme. So I made one of my own, and this is what I come up with:
I add somethings that I'd never use before...and it's super fun :) Let me show you

First, I cut my die-cut paper (from Bo Bunny Et Cetera Filigree series) into two parts. Then I attach them together with red-transparent ribbon. But instead of attaching with"just ribbon," I punch holes and add eyelets then tie my ribbon. Just like shoe laces :)

Realizing that my LOs rarely include a journaling make me wonder. I am a writer then why not writing on my own page? So, from this now on, I will do lots of journaling :) This journaling framed with glitter-accent chipboard.

My journal for this LO: Love his smile, love his style. Love the way he plays guitar, and sings like superstar. Love him much. Love him overmuch.

It's the part I love the most: A title with a twist! I keep this keyholder for a long time, I just bought it without knowing when to use since I don't have much keys in life..LOL. Then cross in my mind to use this keyholder as a title element! I use Dymo Label Maker to create the word "Love" then insert it into my keyholder. Hope you like it :)

The title can move freely! But these two love shape will stay close together. Just like us, we are free to go everywhere we want but our heart remain close forever...hopefully :)

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