Saturday, February 18, 2012

Journey to love myself

Have you ever read a quote says: Scrapbooking is cheaper than a therapist? I absolutely agree with that. Making a page seems like I'm writing diary of my days, journal of my life. And the best thing is, you tell your story to others. It really sounds like a therapy, right?

And this weekend I'm making a very important page. I would like to tell you that I had trouble to love myself. A skinny-brown girl I saw in the mirror everyday is not kinda girl I expect. I have the look and shape that far from beauty definition that the whole universe agreed. Making mirror is not my favorite object.

But it was yesterday. That doesn't mean I have plastic surgery or face lifting. I'm still the same skinny-brown girl looking at the same mirror. But why must bother if I have such a perfect life? I have families, friends, and husband who loves me. I have jobs so I can earn my own money. I live in a beautiful place that most people envy. In other word: I love myself. More than I can imagine actually. It just takes time, courage, and patience to realize. It takes a journey. And my journey to find other amazing things in me is about to begin :)

Here's my page
I buy some new stash. Another things to be grateful :)
It's my brand new paper and embellishment, from KaiserCraft These Days series. I loveeee this page. So elegant and romantic.

And here's the details:
I choose a photo of myself doing makeup while starring at the mirror. So I made a layout resembling a mirror. Yes, I cut and curl my paper. Maybe it looks like a window, but I meant to create a mirror..LOL.

There's a closer look on my curly "mirror" :)

Flowers!! Love them so much. Some of them I made by myself, from patterned paper and topped it with stickles :) Oh, I also made the leaves on my own.

This pearl accent is new thing for me. I use needle and thread, just like making a simple necklace. Them sew it on my paper.

Talking about sewing....I also buy We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy to make holes on papers. I don;t need sewing machine! It's super fun! I love this tools although I'm still learning to use it properly.

My journaling. Says: It's not easy to love myself. I used to hate the girl in the mirror. But a voice inside speaks and says: This is the real me! Then I realize that I love myself for what I am.

The title: Journey to love myself.

Hope you like it. See you on my next journey :)

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  1. Awesome LO! You're right, it does make a very good diary. Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories.

    1. Very pretty layout...I am amazed that you did all the pearls yourself. It's so beautiful!
      Thanks for playing along with us at Lasting Memories!!
      Stacia - LMDT

    2. Thank you ladies for your delightful comments. I really appreciate it :)


  2. This is gorgeous!! I love that everything is handmade, and I can totally see the curly mirror.. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for playing with us at LM!

  3. Wow. absolutely stunning LO. Thanks for joining use at Lasting Memories

  4. Beautiful layout, but even more so your journal and learning to love yourself for who you are is very touching.You are indeed beautiful on the inside and outside:)

    Thanks for joining us at Lasting Memories!

    Elizabeth LMDT

  5. Stunning layout. Love the open window look. I need to try this as it looks so amazing. Love your comments about loving your self. I think so many of us have that same problem because of world standard but we are all beautiful in God's eyes. Thanks for joining the LM challenge.

  6. OH! WOW! Such a BEAUTIFUL layout Niki.......
    All the Fussy Cutting is FANTASTIC & the cutting & Curling of the paper looks WONDERFUL!! THANKS SO very much for playing along over @ BITW.... ♥

  7. Stunning page Nuki.. the fussy cut elements and your torn frame look amazing!! Thanks for sharing with us at BITW:))

  8. Beautiful page Nuki! Thanks for sharing it with us at Bird is the Word!! :)

  9. Your LO is absolutly beautiful! I love all the hand- made touches!! And your writing is very well done!


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