Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Have a tasteful Christmas

It's Christmas time! Time for gifts, cards, and foods...haha. Though I'm not celebrating Christmas, I still can feel the joy! I'm making a special Christmas card this year :)

One day I read a challenge held by C.R.A.F.T, it called "Pastelles for Christmas." From the first time, I'd like to make a card in pastel colors: pink, baby green, and white. But then I switch my design. That challenge inspired me! I have no idea what pastelle is. I'm from Indonesia and there's no such things as pastelle here. I tried to search for it. And then I found out that pastelle is a traditional Christmas food from Tobago. Wow, great inspiration! And I browse the pastelle images. Actually there are much Indonesian food that looks like pastelle, so I can imagine the shape very quickly. So here I go...making card with "pastelle" on it :)

Here's the pastelle! In real life, pastelle is a steamed cornmeal pie wrapped in banana leaves. The color will be yellow, wrap in green. I made my own "pastelle" with yellow and green felt fabric. Do a little stitching and voila...my "pastelle" is done. To make it more cute, I put a lace and tie like a gift. I'd like to say that this pastelle is a gift on Christmas :)

This is how you make pastelle: press, fill, wrap, and steam. And this is how you celebrate Christmas: bless, fulfill, clap, and gleam. Yey, I found the rhyme!

I arrange buttons resembling Christmas tree on top of the card, and topped it with snowflake chipboard. I'm coloring chipboard with Ranger Perfect Pearl to give a touch of glimmer :)

Another Christmas tree peeking under the pastelle. That's my card. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just add water [to press our smile button]

I just finished this page today! Everytime me and my husband decide to spend holidays, we always choose marine vacation. Beach, lake, or waterfalls. And as we buy a new underwater camera, now we can capture our excitement under the astonishing water. This page is dedicated to our love of water. Photos taken at Lake Matano, Island Menjangan Kecil in Karimunjawa, and Waterfalls Matabuntu. Look carefully how I hang those photos :)

I printed the photos with Polaroid style. Polaroid is an instant photo, so does our happiness everytime we meet water. It's an instant happiness! I'm not making a full-emblish page to drag the attention directly on photographs.

The title "Just add water [to press our smile button]" so here comes the button. I made it from felt fabric, cut into circle with three different size, and topped with big button.

Another button emblishment. Some of the buttons I bought from Jakarta and some of them comes from Sorowako. I like it because its easy to find so I don't have to worry :)

Rob-ons!!!! Uh, I love it so much. It gives my page a standup accent. I use two rub-ons on this page and now....I'm out of it. Mayday, mayday...it's time to shop!!!

I don't have paper with curly motif so I made it on my own. I cut two cards, color orange and dark brown, and make it into "wave." Hope you get what I mean :)

This wooden clip is a memorabilia date back from my wedding day. I keep some of them and now they are useful to create an antique taste to my pages :)

I hang photos with lace, clip with wooden clip, and adhere the clips with acid-free white glue. That's how I put the main attraction of this page :)

Last but not least, the title. I print it with HP printer, on soft motif paper. Then I cut according to font shape, put in on another paper, then cut again. I use foam tape for "Water" word to make it standup. By the way, I also running out of foam tape. Gosh!!

Lake Matano Panorama

Lake Matano is the most fascinating place here in Sorowako. I fell in love from my first glance. From Pantai Ide, the lake looks very warm and good place for swimming. From Himalaya Peak, its blue water become candy to the eye. When I was riding a boat, called katingting, to Matano Village, this lake looks awesome yet mysterious!! This page I dedicated fully to the perfect beauty of Lake Matano.

My 12x12" page. I made clean page so the focus will be on photographs. I use Bo Bunny paper, dark chocolate color with smooth swirly accent.

Filmstrip chipboard!! Yey...like it so much. I bought this from SisterArt with nice price :) The original color is cardboard brown but I colored it with poster paint. I use thick paint to make solid black effect.

My journaling said "This deepest lake in South East Asia stole my heart from the first glance, especially its vast surface of sparkling blue water."

I collected shell from Matano while snorkeling and made it to scrapbook's emblishment! Not bad, huh :)

The title "Lake Matano Panorama." I'm using American Craft foam letter stickers and Bo Bunny paper that I cut out each letter.

Always love Prima Flowers. But now I'm planning to make my own Prima-like flowers since I start running out of flowers haha.. See you on my next page!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another previous pages

Here I go again!!! Pages I've been made this year :)

Yep, it's the page I made into this blog background. This is my favorite page, picture taken at my wedding day. Me and my hubby got a crazy pose with our best friends, that's why I called this page "Best wedding." Actually there are much detail I'd like to show but I haven't take close up photos of this page and now I left it at my Mom's home. Too bad...

My other favorite page. I made this for my cousin, inspired by storybook. Again, much detail I missed and the page is now hanging beautifully on her home's wall :)

Chic page, right? I made it for my pretty niece. She love pink so much so that's the main color of this page. They said that scrapbooking supplies may last over decades so I hope she can still enjoy this page when she grows up :)

My childhood best friend ask me to make a page for her family. I describe her personality as girly  family-woman so I decided to make a page with flowers, lace, leaves, and other girly emblishment. Hope she like it :)

My previous pages

I just fell into scrapbooking for a year. Here's some pages I've created :)

This page I called "The Kiss." I join mix media scrapbooking class with Mrs. Karin from MSI as my mentor. This is it! We put acrylic paint on the left and right edges as well as the center, then we use distress ink to make vintage effect on the left side. Acrylic base paint is easy to dry so I don't have to wait too long because the class only last 2 hours..too bad..hahaha.

We once had family gathering. Actually we had it often! And one day I decided to capture that moment on scrapbook page. I print each letter of the words using ordinary Canon printer on cardstock. Then I cut each of them, adhere it on foam tape, and arrange on my layout. Hope my family love this page :)

This page I dedicated for my beloved Mommy. I made it at scrapbooking class also. Love the vintage paper that fit perfectly with the photo. Too bad I took this picture when the page was already been framed, so the details can not seen quite clearly :(

One of my favorite pages! The photo taken on my wedding day. Nothing special about the technique, I just love this layout. But...once again, I took the picture after it been framed...

 A girl that fall in love head to toe to her boyfriend ask me to make a page with romantic theme. So I made this page and mail it to her home at Tasikmalaya, West Java. I use artificial flower on the right edge to complete flower theme for this layout. She said she like it so much :)

My award-winning page!! Yeyyy... Kiranti held scrapbook contest, and I got second place. The title "best things to ease my pain" tells about how I spend days during periods. It's a cheerful page, the theme that I seldom use..haha.

Again, award-winning! This isn't the page I made during the contest that held by Toddie magazine, but the certificate that I made into scrapbook. Unfortunately, they didn't give my page back, but I hope they put it on their store :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My 30th Birthday Celebrations

Soooo...I'm turning 30 this year! Yipie!! As now I'm living far away from my hometown, this create unique birthday celebrations (at least for me..haha). My parents at home celebrate my birthday by making "nasi kuning" and let my beloved doggy named Momo blow the candle. Here, I send a birthday cake to my officemate while I myself riding on bumpy bumpy road out of town. Wow, I've never had such a "party" before.

I was so thrilled so I decided to make a special scrapbook page to complete my celebrations. Hope you all enjoy my page like I do :)

I use Hero Stamp and chalk ink to create this word. It's a little bit leaky on the edge but I like the effect. And for the photo borders, I use EK Success border punch. That's a new tool I bought just right before I flew to Sorowako :)

For title, I use Dymo label maker. Hope I'm not running out of tapes because I don't know whether they sell the refill here :(

He was asleep but my mom force him to wake up and blow the candle. So look at his cute sleepy-yawny face behind "nas kuning." I miss my Momo so much...

My office mates smiling faces while enjoying cake. Thanks for your wishes :)

My excited yet scared face when riding offroad vehicle. Our way to Tabarano Village was so amazing. Can't wait for another adventures!