Saturday, March 31, 2012

Perfect happy family

Happy Saturday dear crafty fellas :)
My husband is a little bit sick right now, he's sneezing all day and had a mild fever last night. Hope he will get well soon and play his electric guitar again.

While he was sleeping, I took chance to make a page. I found another old picture of my cousin and her family. Two pictures. Both were taken on April 1979. Wow, that was 33 years ago! Here's my LO:
I use Simple Stories' Fabulous and Documented series. I love those paper and gladly I still have some pieces on my stash :) Now please take a closer look on the photo.
That's my cousins, my aunty, and my uncle. Seems like they're having a sweet picnic. Both aunty and my uncle have passed away last year. So I hope this page can bring a happy memory of their family.

I use sketch from Frosted designs sketch #37. I love the idea of repetition. Instead of "just" putting title or embellishments on one side, I decided to put photos on both sides. I hope you like my take. Here's the sketch:

Now onto details:
I made a circle stitch to both pictures! It's a brand new thing for me and it is so much fun to make :)

I layer two ribbons and make ruffles of them.

My new addiction: Bingo card...LOL

I really love this Prima flower. It looks like burlap flower, right?

A part of my title: Perfect Happy Family.

See on on my next project. Take care. It rains a lot here.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Family memories

Another scrapping weekend here...and I'm sure there everywhere too :)
This week, I got lots of brand new paper. Not all of them comes from the latest product lines but some of them do! So I kinda overwhelm with those beautiful papers...LOL.

Here's my first LO of this week. Using an old photo from the year 1983. That day, my little brother arrived to this lovely world :)
Let's take a closer look to the photo. There you can see my mom holding my baby brother, and I'm sitting on my dad's lap.

I use sketch from Let's get sketchy challenge#4. I love the simplicity of this sketch.

Some details of my page:
I stitch my page's borders with SewEasy. It's fun and I love the way it look :) And the paper comes from KaiserCrafts Sweet Nothing series.

That's how I layer my lace ribbon. The pastel ribbon at bottom and white lace on top. And I layer again with paper border. I love the rich textures :) I also enter this LO for Lasting memories challenge #81 layer-up

Dark brown wooden peg to clip my picture and twine to "hang" on.

My title: Family memories. We have tons of memories to remember forever :)

See you on my next projects. Thanks for looking. Comments are much appreciated :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Joy do you do? I hope you all have fantastic week :)
We get 3 days of holiday here because the Hindu are celebrating their New Year's Day in silence. So, my scrapping weekend starts a bit early this time and last night I've finish one layout already. Yey, thank God I got my papers through online shopping so I won't cry in disappointment no more. I'm soooooo excited.

What to scrap? I have lots of good picture to scrap but those old photo always get special attention from me :). Yes, those pictures that mommy sent me few weeks ago. Most of them are my self portrait. Back in my childhood ofcourse :) Then I pick two photos, both taken on '83. Wow, I was only 2 years old that time!!! I'm begging to all parents in the world, please please take lots of pictures of your children, it is very precious :)

So here's my layout
See, that's me starring in wonder and another picture capture my personality as daddy girl..LOL. I'm really excited to make this LO. I love the tones of picture, really love the beautiful papers (I use Bo Bunny Ambrosia paper series), I can incorporate lots of embellishments, and I love love love this sketch from Let's get sketchy challenge#3
This sketch give me endless possibilities. At first I'm working with the circle shape. I decide not to use paper to create the circle. I'm using my swirly stamp on circular line. Here's the close ups:
Then I work the rectangle shape which is putting my picture.
After that, I work the embellishment on right bottom just like the sketch. I choose to put another picture. Yes my-dad-and-me picture. I create a big hole on paper then glue my photo behind it.

Next phase is make a lining embellishment on bottom left. It's time for my lace ribbon to take an act :) Three layers of lace ribbon to add my page's textures
To sweeten the composition, I also add the lace on top of the picture.
I put a beautiful street lamp chipboard. Un-painted,  un-glittered, un-perfect pearled...just plain chipboard. Hey, notice that I seems like staring at the lamp in wonder?

Lately I use banners often. They're soooo flexible. Can be put on any layouts and very very cute. So I'm so happy this sketch include banner :) For this LO, beside put them on bottom page, I also use them as my journaling.
Wonder, play, explore, laugh, learn. The joy of childhood :)

See you on my next page. Happy lovely weekend everyone :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ScrapFriends DT Call!!!

ScrapFriends are looking to add members to their designer team! They are selecting members of all skill levels and styles. Scrapfriends requires every applicants to create one brand new project inspire by this picture.
Yummy, isn't it? Chocolate and ice cream. It really reminds me of something sweet and romantic. So I'm gonna make a page that looks very sweet. But, I make a little twist. It's not a page about me and my lovely hubby nor a page that tells any couple's romance. So whatttt??? I found a picture of my beloved cousin and her mother when she was a little girl. Her mom passed away last year. 

It's an old photo. I love the tones and the picture itself. I think this picture is sooooo sweet and reminds her of the good old romantic day with her mom. So here's my page
Sweet and romantic. Just like chocolate and ice cream. I use KaiserCrafts Sweet Nothing series. A very beautiful paper series, I love it a lot.

Here's my page details
What a beautiful picture, am I right? Her mom is veryyyy beautiful and my cousin laugh in a sweet day :)

She was playing happily in the backyard. So I made my page resembling her backyard: full of flowers and butterflies. And I add another picture of her standing next to her brother. She was wearing hat in those two picture! I found a match here.

My handmade flowers! I use paper from my stash, create a petal cut without any punch, and add stickles on some petals. I glue plastic carpel and a large pearl on center top. Hope you like it :)

When someone ask me about my scrapping style, it's kinda hard to answer. I think a style should be judge by other people not the scrapper herself. But if I must say something about my style, it will be Ephemera. I often made an eclectic LO with rich texture, color, and many kind of embellishments.For this LO, I use lace ribbon, twine, paper flowers, fabric flowers, fabric leaves, paper doilies, and banners.

To add my page's texture, I use masking technique. It's a rough masking, I do it to create a grunge look on the page :)

My title: One sweet day. It is as sweet as chocolate and ice cream :)

Hope you like it. See you on my next layouts. Thank you for taking a peek, comments are much appreciated :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My handmade flowers

I'm a little bit disappointed this weekend. It should be another scrapping weekend, a nice and sweet weekend to spend on my room. But...I'm running out of papers! All left is one stack of DCWV Tattered Time collections. I'm kinda not in the mood to make an "old theme" page. I've done that quite a lot!

I realize that bitter fact two weeks ago, so I ordered quite lots of paper from a prominent scrapbook store. They've respond my order and send me those beautiful papers. It should be right here in front of my door on Friday..or Saturday at most. It is now Sunday night, and I haven't receive any paper!!!!! Yes, I'm going to cry :(

So I dig my stash and collect all those not-much-left paper. Each paper is being cut or torn. None of them come in whole piece. Then I decide to make some flowers. It cheers me and wipe my tears away :)

I made these flowers from stash, plastic carpel, and fabric leaves that my mom send me few weeks ago. I also use glue gun, stickles, craft knife, and tweezers.

Here's my flowers. Hope you like it :)
Hope next week I can post another page. It means I got my paper by that time :) See ya...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miss the sounds of wave

I live in a beautiful village surrounded with lake. I know I'm a lucky person to have such a wonderful living. Without being unthankful, I still miss the smell of salty water, clear blue water, and the sounds of wave. Yes, I miss the beach. I felt like it's been too long since my last marine vacation. And I really really want another sunny beach day. Just one day or two. Hope soon I can hear the sounds of wave. It's a music to my ears :)

I use sketch from Let's get sketchy challenge. Here's they lovely sketch

A glance at my page details
My new piano ribbon! Also my new lace. Recently I bought lots of ribbon and lace. They're veryyyy pretty :) I'll take photos of them this weekend.

I put two same photos, one in b/w and the other printed in colors.

Two paper doilies, curling page with stitch to fasten :)

The title: Miss the sounds of wave.

See you on my next page. Scrapping weekend is about to begin :)

Would like to play on Let's get sketchy challenge#2

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Happy weekend everyone. Hope you all have fantastic Saturday. Yes, because I have one. Today, I got a package from my mom. She send me some old photos of our family. It's always nice to see our own picture, right? Specially our childhood moments. Those happy times in black and white or sepia tones.

Choosing which picture to scrap first wasn't easy. I loooove all those photos. Then I chose two photos of my mom at the hospital giving birth to me. I really touch.

It makes me grab my stash without further ado. A vintage page will perfectly suit this photo. Pastel colors with flowers, lace, on a sweet solid paper. I really have fun making this page. I use sketch from Lasting Memories. I think this sketch can add my fun. And I'm totally correct!

The sketch:
Did I said the sketch was fun? Oh yes I did...LOL.

Here's my take
Two pictures arrange vertically, with pink lace at the bottom. Flowers with pastel colors are everywhere. Quite vintage. I think.

Let's take a look at some details
You can see my beautiful mother, grandma, and my aunty. They all witnessing my birth :)

I put a branch of plastic flower on my LO. I love to play (or experimenting) every time I made a page. And this time I play with cute little plastic flowers to add extra dimensions and sweeten my page.

My hand made paper flowers!!! I plan to make another flowers tomorrow :)

My title: d.o.b. Date of birth. It was December 7...30 years a go. Time really flies...

I also would like to play for:
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