Friday, March 9, 2012

Yes, it is my creative lust

Did you notice something new??? Yes, my blog title and its look. For so long, I search for a blog name. And you are so d**n right, all the lovely blog names has taken. So I keep on searching...and thinking. But I still have no idea. And just realize that I cannot live a single day without googling inspirational sites, learning new technique, browsing superb scrapbooking ideas, making pages on my spare times, or just steal a glance at my stash :) When a was a little girl, I remember spent holidays staying at home making paper doll house, stitching my own hat, create costumes for my next school events, or just simply cutting and gluing paper to create any objects that cross in my head.

I find out that creativity is my deepest lust. So here I go, choose a name to express my passion: Creative lust. How's that sounds?

And for weeks I've been falling in love to The cutest blog on the block. This site has tons of cool backgrounds, banners, and everything I need to decorate my blog. I pick a background along with the banner and directly put them on my Creative Lust. I think I'm addicted to my own blog name...LOL.

Hope this new name will soar my creativity. Just wait and see :)

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