Sunday, March 18, 2012

My handmade flowers

I'm a little bit disappointed this weekend. It should be another scrapping weekend, a nice and sweet weekend to spend on my room. But...I'm running out of papers! All left is one stack of DCWV Tattered Time collections. I'm kinda not in the mood to make an "old theme" page. I've done that quite a lot!

I realize that bitter fact two weeks ago, so I ordered quite lots of paper from a prominent scrapbook store. They've respond my order and send me those beautiful papers. It should be right here in front of my door on Friday..or Saturday at most. It is now Sunday night, and I haven't receive any paper!!!!! Yes, I'm going to cry :(

So I dig my stash and collect all those not-much-left paper. Each paper is being cut or torn. None of them come in whole piece. Then I decide to make some flowers. It cheers me and wipe my tears away :)

I made these flowers from stash, plastic carpel, and fabric leaves that my mom send me few weeks ago. I also use glue gun, stickles, craft knife, and tweezers.

Here's my flowers. Hope you like it :)
Hope next week I can post another page. It means I got my paper by that time :) See ya...


  1. Dear sweet Nuki dont cry you have so many beautiful flowers to make and play with!! hahaha
    they look gorgeous!!

  2. Thank you dear Irini. I had receive those papers I've been waiting for right now, and I'm ready to start another scrapping weekend. Hope you'll do the same at Athens :)

  3. mbaak..lucu banget bunga2annya. kreatif bener deh...jadi pengen belajar bikin juga :p


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