Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just add water [to press our smile button]

I just finished this page today! Everytime me and my husband decide to spend holidays, we always choose marine vacation. Beach, lake, or waterfalls. And as we buy a new underwater camera, now we can capture our excitement under the astonishing water. This page is dedicated to our love of water. Photos taken at Lake Matano, Island Menjangan Kecil in Karimunjawa, and Waterfalls Matabuntu. Look carefully how I hang those photos :)

I printed the photos with Polaroid style. Polaroid is an instant photo, so does our happiness everytime we meet water. It's an instant happiness! I'm not making a full-emblish page to drag the attention directly on photographs.

The title "Just add water [to press our smile button]" so here comes the button. I made it from felt fabric, cut into circle with three different size, and topped with big button.

Another button emblishment. Some of the buttons I bought from Jakarta and some of them comes from Sorowako. I like it because its easy to find so I don't have to worry :)

Rob-ons!!!! Uh, I love it so much. It gives my page a standup accent. I use two rub-ons on this page and now....I'm out of it. Mayday,'s time to shop!!!

I don't have paper with curly motif so I made it on my own. I cut two cards, color orange and dark brown, and make it into "wave." Hope you get what I mean :)

This wooden clip is a memorabilia date back from my wedding day. I keep some of them and now they are useful to create an antique taste to my pages :)

I hang photos with lace, clip with wooden clip, and adhere the clips with acid-free white glue. That's how I put the main attraction of this page :)

Last but not least, the title. I print it with HP printer, on soft motif paper. Then I cut according to font shape, put in on another paper, then cut again. I use foam tape for "Water" word to make it standup. By the way, I also running out of foam tape. Gosh!!

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